My cameraversary (part 2)

This is part 2 of three blog posts dedicated to my photography journey over the past year.
Part one can be found here.

Really the next couple of months were just practicing on pretty much any kind of portrait, doing a total of around 20 sessions between June and September:

in October we went to San Francisco

when we returned from our trip I set some (relatively low) prices and started the process of becoming a business

I had challenge of working with low-light indoors using my very small/basic speedlight

Through a couple of events with Twin Cities Photography Group I was introduced to using strobes/studio lighting at the end of the year

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My Camera-versary (part 1)

Well, over a year has come and gone since I’ve gotten my camera (last April 28th.) It’s been a heck of a year and I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent immersing myself in this passion that I’ve found.

So the first part of a 3 part rundown of the past year:
the very first photo I ever took, in auto *gasp* mode

in the beginning I practiced on anything I could get my hands on

seriously, anything

I did get to bring my camera to a wedding

and photograph a birth/newborn

and after a while people actually wanted me to take their photo

I became active in my local photography meetup group and went on a couple of outings

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If I Were King of the World…

  • I’d somehow find a way to employ direct karma to encourage people to definitely treat others the way they want to be treated.
  • Ice cream wouldn’t have any calories.
  • Everyone would magically learn how to drive well. Stoplights would be engineered with the best technology for maximum efficiency.
  • She’ll always be there to greet me at the door:
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Thank you Scott Kelby…

So I’m partway through my Scott Kelby LR3 book. Let me just say that he is amazing (but I’m sure you already knew that.)

A quick example of how doing a little bit of learnin’ can be beneficial:
original edit of a photo I took in Mexico
edit of the same photo with some Kelby guidance

Okay, so the 2nd edit may be a little overdone, but it’s obvious to see the difference just a few little tweaks can make. It honestly took less than a minute to quick switch things.

What changed between the photos:

  • instead of using the “Adobe Standard” camera setting that is LR’s default I changed it to “Camera Vivid”
  • I actually went negative with the Brightness going from 20 to -20
  • I upped the Blacks from what I thought was a high number at 20 to 40
  • I tweaked the Exposure to compensate for the new changes
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A vacation from my vacation, seriously.

Most people go on vacation, come back and go on with their daily life. Well, I’m pretty sure that photography is the one hobby/career that actually generates more work when you’re supposedly “away from it all.” It doesn’t help when you get back and decide that what you really, really want to do is go document a wedding.

I have over 1,000 photos to edit in the next couple of days. Then when I finish, I’m going out and shooting for 8 hours straight. It’s very possible that I have a sadistic personality, I haven’t gotten that checked yet.

So here’s to being insanely busy and insanely satisfied (plus just a little insane).

One of my favorite photos from the wedding, since any blog post worth anything has a photo:
I think my sister-in-law has never looked prettier.

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More of Newborn T

Some additional photos from the last newborn shoot:

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One from the Wedding Today

This is a shot from the wedding that I did as a primary shooter today. My first solo wedding, and it was fantastic.

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