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I Ain’t Settlin’

I was fired from the job I held for over five years on Valentine’s Day this year.  The date of my termination should give an indication of the type of people that I worked for, let’s leave it at that. … Continue reading

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Things are About to Get Personal

For the most part this blog has been pretty void of personal opinion and thoughts. Sure, I’ve shared small bits of my life but it’s all been pretty centered on what I’ve done not what I feel. This was a … Continue reading

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Out with 2011, and in with 2012

To say that I failed at blogging the last half of 2011 would be a complete understatement. That is obvious one of my yearly goals I didn’t make. Fortunately, really most of my tasks did get completed, even if I … Continue reading

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10 Things on Thursday – Advice

The 10 Best Pieces of Advice I’ve ever been given, by some of the smartest people I know: It doesn’t matter if anyone else likes you if you don’t like yourself. It’s a sad place to be when you please … Continue reading

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#37 – Get at least 10 of my good friends together for a ragin’ 29th birthday party

This year I turned 29. Well, it doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out what birthday I’m staring down now. That’s why it was so important to me that I made this one special. So I got a group of … Continue reading

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10 Things on Thursday

Okay, I am seriously stumped for ideas on things to blog about. Yes, I’m doing my challenge, but do you really want to hear me describe planting an herb garden in complete detail??? So, in an effort to give myself … Continue reading

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My Cameraversary (Part 3)

This is part 3 of three blog posts dedicated to my photography journey over the past year. Part one can be found here. And part two can be found here. After a couple of group shoots using studio lights, at … Continue reading

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