I Ain’t Settlin’

I was fired from the job I held for over five years on Valentine’s Day this year.  The date of my termination should give an indication of the type of people that I worked for, let’s leave it at that. This post isn’t going to be a sad, mopey, “boo hoo, I lost my job,” kind of post though. Getting canned was the best thing to happen to me in quite a while.

I work very hard in certain aspects of my life: doing whatever I can for friends and family, growing my own business, loving my husband, caring for my home, and just overall trying not to be a douche. I’m also a strong believer, or at least I thought I was, in making things count and not wasting time. Well, I got very complacent at my 9-5. I had a paycheck that paid my bills and I wasn’t working long hours or doing hard labor, so I stuck it out.

I stuck it out when I was moved to a department I really didn’t have an interest working in. I stuck it out when I was switched from being a salaried employee to an hourly employee because that made more sense to them than making my coworker an salaried employee. I stuck it out when I was given a hideous blue polo shirt to wear as a uniform. Really, one word says it all, “stuck.”

Anyway, I promised this wasn’t going to be a “cry me a river” post and it isn’t. Being fired made me find something else, and fast. I have a new position, and almost two months in, it is fantastic. The work I’m doing is challenging and interesting. The people I work with are kind, respectful, and welcoming. There is very little monitoring or micromanaging. Oh, and I actually get up in the morning and take time on my appearance which makes me feel great all day. I am excited to go to work every day. I honestly didn’t realize how much of a difference it can make to get out of mediocrity. I’m more relaxed, I don’t carry work issues into my house, and just in general life is better.

When I told my husband that I had lost my job I made the comment that “fate intervened because it was obvious that I wasn’t going to do anything myself.” Well, thank you fate. If I have learned anything from this experience it’s that just because something isn’t awful it doesn’t mean there aren’t options out there that are better. Settling for less than what you deserve gives you exactly that.


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