Things are About to Get Personal

For the most part this blog has been pretty void of personal opinion and thoughts. Sure, I’ve shared small bits of my life but it’s all been pretty centered on what I’ve done not what I feel. This was a very conscious development; something that I did so if someone I knew were to come across this part of the blogoverse they may not recognize the author.

Well, I’ve realized lately that I need a place for me. Somewhere that I can release pent up frustrations and emotions, and in a way interactively communicate with myself. I am done with keeping this blog as a (fairly unused) clipboard on which to check off and collect accomplishments. Sure, those things will still be here, hopefully more of them. I realize that this blog has been pretty neglected and I think it’s because I have zero emotional attachment to it.

So, this blog is going to morph into something a little different and it might actually find it’s voice.

Well consider it my own personal version of this:  




About nduff

Pretty much the coolest nerd you'll ever meet. ;)
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2 Responses to Things are About to Get Personal

  1. jl0515 says:

    One of the best things I ever did, Duff. Kind of a continuation of areal-life journal, but you can pick and choose whether someone (or anyone) gets to read it!

  2. Jackee says:

    BTW, it’s me, the old broad from BL, LOL

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