Out with 2011, and in with 2012

To say that I failed at blogging the last half of 2011 would be a complete understatement. That is obvious one of my yearly goals I didn’t make. Fortunately, really most of my tasks did get completed, even if I was wasn’t talking about them here.  I really felt like 2011 was an amazing year, so instead of taking away from this year’s major accomplishments (like starting a business) and focusing on what might not have got done (still need to do a wedding scrapbook) I’d rather just focus on moving forward.

To touch on something quickly though, one of the disappointments, really the only major disappointment, is that I did the same thing in 2011 that I did in 2010. I was within 5 or so pounds of my goal weight and then I gained it all back. This cycle is horrible and I am really going to try to break it in 2012.

Talking about 2012, there is a little different format this year. Instead of 100 things in 365 days, many of them not that challenging or things I intended on doing anyway, I decided to do a 30 When I’m 30 in honor of the big birthday I have coming up in May.

So, here is this year’s list:

30 When I’m 30
1. Lose 30 Pounds and keep it off
2. Go on a roadtrip for at least 3 days with at least 10 stops
3. Do 30 things to pamper myself
4. Write at least 30 blog posts
5. Hold a full conversation completely in Spanish for at least 30 minutes with zero difficulty
6. No fast food for 30 days
7. Go on 30 dates with hubby
8. Have 30 days in a row where home is “mom-sneak-attack-visit-ready”
9. Visit 30 places in the Twin Cities I had never been before
10. Commit 3 random acts of kindness
11. Travel to Spain
12. Watch 30 movies I have never seen before
13. Make 30 new business contacts, keep track using business cards
14. Get in front of the camera to celebrate what 30 looks like
15. Save $50 30 times
16. Call family (Mom and/or Gamma) at least 30 times
17. Volunteer 30 times
18. Try out 30 new recipes
19. Complete 30 Pinterest projects of any level of difficulty
20. Invite at least 30 people to celebrate an awesome 30th birthday party
21. Do at least 30 shoots
22. In December, print an album/book of 30 amazing photos I’ve taken throughout the year
23. Apply for 30 job opportunities, well really, apply until I have a new job
24. Donate $30 for every un-met goal
25. Complete a 365 Project
26. Commit to 30 days of “clean” eating and healthy water consumption
27. Make an appointment about adoption/TTC possibilities
28. Send 30 handwritten letters
29. Find 30 different ways to show hubby that he’s loved
30. Read 30 books


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