10 Things on Thursday

Okay, I am seriously stumped for ideas on things to blog about. Yes, I’m doing my challenge, but do you really want to hear me describe planting an herb garden in complete detail??? So, in an effort to give myself something to talk about I have decided to start a 10 Things on Thursday post. Each week will be a different category and then I’ll list 10 things to go under it.

This weeks Category: Photography Resources

  1. Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson – Seriously, everyone should read this book when they first start shooting. It breaks down the exposure triangle  and makes things really easy to understand. It also includes some great photos.
  2. Digital Photography School – Website full of great tutorials and tips. Geared toward any skill level.
  3. Depth of Field Calculator – Great for learning how aperture, distance, and focal length all come together to determine your DOF. Really fun to play with and see how small changes can sometimes make a big difference.
  4. Online Photography Communities – I honestly have learned so much just by interacting with other photographers. My favorite forum is a more private community called Broken Lenses but there are more public sites I’d recommend like I Love Photography, Clickinmoms, and Rock The Shot.
  5. Google – Okay,  know this isn’t really a photography resource but I use it so often I need to put it out there. Any photography question I have I can usually find an answer for,  there are so many great tutorials (written and video), and  I can also search for certain images when I need ideas. Heck, I use Google Maps sometimes to help me scout locations.
  6. Pinterest – Wow, talk about a world of inspiration. This is also great place to keep all my ideas and tutorials organized. For example, if I’m doing a senior shoot I now have quick access to all of my favorites for reference.
  7. Scott Kelby’s Lightroom 3 Book – If you want to learn how to properly edit photos in Lightroom 3 there is no better book out there. I’m not completely through yet, but what I’ve learned has been super helpful.
  8. The Online Photographer (TOP) – Like the Digital Photography School this site is full of great tutorials and tips.
  9. KenRockwell.com – I’m not going to lie and say that I agree with everything he posts. What I will say is that he has put a lot of time and thought into co an incredibly comprehensive set of reviews and some great tutorials.
  10.  CoffeeShop Blog – Some of the best actions you can get for free, they are fantanstic. Plus some nice inspiration and an occasional tutorial

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