My Cameraversary (Part 3)

This is part 3 of three blog posts dedicated to my photography journey over the past year.
Part one can be found here. And part two can be found here.

After a couple of group shoots using studio lights, at the beginning of January I asked a person who would later become a mentor of mine if he would help me with a studio model shoot

and then I was ready for some studio shoots all on my own

I had a really cool headshot session

we even had some fun every now and then

and I also learned some lighting tricks
then,  just like in the fall when I started to get more comfortable shooting in natural light and it became necessary to move indoors, in April the sun came back out (kind of) and it was time to leave the studio

my first session back outdoors was also my first session with an Operation Love family, I am so happy to be a part of that organization

a week later I did my first paid “commercial” shoot for a custom bike company

where I was able to use my new speedlite, the SB-900 (what a beast)
The month, along with my first year with my camera, ended with a trip to Mexico that included a wedding and an engagement session to capture

So there it is, a year of photos. It’s been a blast and I can’t wait to see where I go from here. I’m thinking I may do a comparison post in the near future pitting my old work up against my new work.


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