Thank you Scott Kelby…

So I’m partway through my Scott Kelby LR3 book. Let me just say that he is amazing (but I’m sure you already knew that.)

A quick example of how doing a little bit of learnin’ can be beneficial:
original edit of a photo I took in Mexico
edit of the same photo with some Kelby guidance

Okay, so the 2nd edit may be a little overdone, but it’s obvious to see the difference just a few little tweaks can make. It honestly took less than a minute to quick switch things.

What changed between the photos:

  • instead of using the “Adobe Standard” camera setting that is LR’s default I changed it to “Camera Vivid”
  • I actually went negative with the Brightness going from 20 to -20
  • I upped the Blacks from what I thought was a high number at 20 to 40
  • I tweaked the Exposure to compensate for the new changes

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