Newborn Shoots

On my list is to do 5 newborn shoots this year. Why did I choose newborns and not seniors or pets or two-year olds?? Because I’m not good at them, that’s why. Point blank, newborns are my weakest area. On the plus side, every time I do a newborn shoot I feel like I learn and grow so much more from the last time.

In case you didn’t believe me, here is my first newborn shoot (about a month after I first received my camera):
and here is a photo from the session I did Monday:
T - Newborn

Can’t wait to see what happens after I do 4 more.


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1 Response to Newborn Shoots

  1. J.C says:

    aw, that is a cool photo. What a gorgeous baby, and a huge improvement from the first pic! Can’t wait to see what you do too 🙂

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