#84 – Get another Photo “Explored” on Flickr

Well, it seems like this is the week for photography achievements.

The day after I found out that I took first in the Shutter Love Tuesday challenge, I also discovered that another photo of mine was “explored” on Flickr. I had a photo explored last June so I made it a goal for this year to get another photo in that category.

What does “explored” mean?? Well, every day Flickr ranks their most “interesting” photos and they post the top 500. “Interestingness” is supposedly based on a unique and complex algorithm that takes a ton of factors into consideration including where views are coming from, who is actually commenting on and faving it, what tags you have attached to it, and what groups you’ve put it in. Since, according to stats, 5,000 photos are uploaded to Flickr each minute it’s pretty cool to know that enough people were intrigued by your photo that it made the top 500.

So, I am very proud to say that on March 8th 2011, this:

was one of the top 500 photos in Explore.  At this typing it was actually #415 but since interestingness isn’t static that can change.


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