Serene – Captivus Living Photo Challenge

Captivus Living is hosting a photo challenge with the theme of “Serene.”

I feel this:

Joy - Maternity
is definitely someone embracing some serenity. Maybe you can even call it the “calm before the storm.”

Check out all the amazing entries here:


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3 Responses to Serene – Captivus Living Photo Challenge

  1. Captivus says:

    DEFINITELY serene. I like your phrase “the calm before the storm”. SO TRUE! That’s probably why I only have one child so far, LOL. Lovely photo!

  2. Anne U says:

    Lovely shot and great interpretation of serene.

  3. Jessaca says:

    stopping by via Captivus Living to come and check out your photo… I would deffinetly agree this is the calm before the storm. Our youngest is 3 and and it seems to get crazier and crazier as they all grow up.
    Hope you have a good on!!!

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