January Recap

Well, here we almost are, the end of the first month. Really, I feel like I’ve gotten off to a slow start compared to last  year. This might be a good thing though, since in the middle of this project last year I felt like I lost steam. So maybe slow and steady is a good thing.

So what I accomplished this month:
– I took a photo of my Gama
– Cleaned out my closet a bit and went through my clothes and donated this along some home stuff to the Lupus Foundation
– Visited the eye doctor and got contacts
– Made a list of 100 things that I like about myself
– Gave him a night to watch TV uninterupted

I have kept up with my 350 photos. Don’t let the fact that the page hasn’t been updated since the middle of the month fool you. I plan on updating this page in the next couple of days.

Some goals for next month:
– Continue eating well and working out, really kick the weight loss into gear
– Apply for new positions
– I think I’m going to work on the water intake goal and also maybe the caffeine consumption goal


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Pretty much the coolest nerd you'll ever meet. ;)
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