#73 – Make a list of 100 things that I like about myself

So 100 things that I like about myself, this should be fun. We go through life being told that if we show appreciation for ourselves that we’re egotistical, prideful, and in one word, douchebags. Yes, this can be true, but really, we should take pride in who we are and what we accomplish.

So here are the things I want to give myself a pat on the back for:
1. I give good hugs and I give them freely.
2. I’m distracted easily by pretty things and I marvel at life.
3. I have a nice laugh (who doesn’t).
4. I’m tenacious.
5. I’m dorky, and perfectly cool with that.
6. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s.
7. I meet deadlines (personal and work-related) consistently.
8. I’m normally fairly willing to compromise.
9. I embrace my femininity.
10. I’m like my mom in some ways and my grandma in others, it’s a nice balance.
11. I try not to compare myself to others.
12. I always root for the underdog.
13. I’m creative.
14. I can find a positive trait in just about anyone.
15. There is very little I wouldn’t do for a good friend.
16. I don’t get rattled when surrounded by chaos.
17. I picked one heck of a husband.
18. I acknowledge the fact that perfection just isn’t going to happen.
19. I still strive for “as good as possible.”
20. I was born into one of the best families ever and married into another one.
21.  I volunteer my time.
22. I set realistic goals for myself.
23. I’m a fast learner.
24. I’m getting better about not taking things personally.
25. I’m kind.
26. I have a strong sense of fairness.
27. I give pretty good advice.
28. I’m fairly stylish and obsessed with cute high heels.
29. I love easily.
30. If I say I’m going to do something 95% of the time it gets done (not a bad percentage).
31. I have a good sense of self-preservation.
32. Out of everyone, I’m the most honest with myself.
33. I’m patient.
34. I can read quickly.
35. I can write well enough.
36. I have no problem cutting toxic people out of my life.
37. I’m a good mama to the Hankster.
38. I’m compassionate and passionate.
39. I fly my freak flag proudly.
40. I have a great sense of humor.
41. I honestly believe people can almost do anything if they work at it.
42. I am a avid and enthusiastic Twins fan.
43. I can name all 50 state capitals and find each state on a map.
44. I have a soft spot for animals.
45. It takes a lot to make me angry (outraged and annoyed is a different story of course).
46. I just don’t let myself hold grudges.
47. Kids like me.
48. I like kids.
49. I work hard at not letting irrational fear dictate my decisions.
50. I do what I can to be part of the solution and not the problem.
51. I use cliches (see above).
52. I’m a darn good dancer.
53. I try my best to be honest with people,
54. but I do have a gift/curse for sugarcoating things.
55. I have a great booty, no matter how much my weight fluctuates.
56. I am willing to cut myself some slack when needed.
57. I extend the above courtesy to others.
58. I can identify most songs on the radio within the first 10 or so seconds of hearing them.
59. I travel well.
60. I listen to my emotions but I don’t let them rule me.
61. I always try to not waste words on people that won’t listen to them.
62. I rarely waste my time on being petty.
63. My photography work is constantly improving and evolving.
64. I give myself what I need in life to be happy.
65. I’m fairly likable.
66. I have no problem laughing at myself.
67. I found a hobby that makes me incredibly happy and gives me purpose.
68. I’m adaptable.
69. I can spend hours learning about things I’m passionate about.
70. I can make people laugh.
71. I’m a pretty good judge of people.
72. I’m a hopeless romantic.
73. I’m excited and excitable.
74. I don’t take anything too seriously, most of all, myself.
75. I don’t mind challenging something just because “things have always been this way.”
76. I go to bed knowing more than I did when I woke up that day.
77. I don’t mind breaking rules, if necessary.
78. I can make one heck of a Bloody Mary.
79. I have decent table manners.
80. I have some fantastic friends who are always there when I need them.
81. Even though I don’t cook, I can taste something and tell you the ingredients in it.
82. I don’t mind working hard for things that I want.
83. I welcome change.
84. I’m willing to help strangers if they need it.
85. I’m good with technology/computers.
86. I’m starting to get a hold on that “accept the things you can not change” thing
87. I try to learn from my experiences.
88. Most days I like me. I’d hang out with me.
89. I can multi-task with the best of them.
90. My knowledge of baseball is impressive (and surprising to most 40 year old males).
91.  I’m pretty darn intelligent.
92. I try my best to be open-minded.
93. I’m an optimist.
94. I can appreciate a good cup of coffee.
95. I’ve rarely had to ask myself, “what if.”
96. I’m always willing to try new things.
97. I will admit when I’m wrong, and apologize for it.
98. I’m an inclusive person.
99. I work hard at not letting irrational fear dictate my decisions.
100. I have at least 100 valid things to like about myself.

So the next time I have an “I Suck” day, I can just come back to this post and I’ll have 100 arguments to tell me otherwise.


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