Cherish the Old and Embrace the New

Happy 2011!!! In the spirit of the new year this post’s goal is to celebrate both the great things that happened 2010 and the new developments that 2011 will bring.

The down and dirty on 2010-
So in all honesty this blog ended up being 98 things in 365 days. I was unable to lose and keep off 25 pounds in that amount of time (discussed in length in my last post) and I also didn’t finish my wedding scrapbook. Those two things aside, I consider this “experiment” a huge sucesss. It definitely accomplished what I hoped it would, it got me out doing things. I’m now actively volunteering, participating in book clubs and photography groups, and in better touch with my friends and family than I’ve been in the past.

The best thing to happen to me in the past year was “#72. Buy a camera and accessories that cost more than $1000.” This set me on a path to finding a passion that’s hopefully going to follow me my whole life. Photography has and will continue to affect my life in so many ways.

On to 2011 –
The format of the blog is going to change in 2011. It’s obvious that this blog was pretty much ignored the last half of the year. Really, to be honest, after I “did” something it just didn’t seem that exciting to talk about it.

So for 2011 this is going to turn into more of a personal blog, with a slightly less narrow focus. A new list of 100 things will be up for 2011 within the next couple of days. As these tasks/adventures are completed they’ll be crossed off the list. If an item on the list is interesting enough to talk about there will be a post about it. In between those posts there will be progress updates, photos, and personal posts just relating to events happening this year.

So, here’s to a fantastic 2011!


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1 Response to Cherish the Old and Embrace the New

  1. J.C says:

    Looking forward to seeing whats on the list this year!

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