Health and Wellness
1. Lose 20 pounds (15/20)
2. Eat two pieces of fruit a day for a week straight (7/7)
3. Do a detox/cleanse
4. Spend two weeks living a vegan lifestyle (14/14)
5. Go 60 days with limiting pop or coffee intake to one a day (60/60)
6. Try a workout I’ve never done before
7. Visit eye doctor and (more than likely) get contacts/glasses
8. Complete the 30 day shred (30/30)
9. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a month straight (30/30)
10. Go to bed and be sleeping before 11 PM for an entire work week (5/5)

11. Cook him a meal of his choice
12. Give him an entire weekend home alone to do whatever he wants
13. Head to bed at the same time for an entire week (5/7)
14. Plan and pay for a romantic mini-trip
15. Celebrate Halloween with him at the cabin
16. Give him an entire night to watch TV uninterrupted
17. Spend an entire weekend “unplugged” and at home
18. Go out on a date night at least once a month (5/12)
19. Complete a 500 pc jigsaw puzzle
20. Buy bikes together

21. Visit my family in my hometown at least 10 times (10/10)
22. Take a photo of my Gama
23. Go fishing with mom
24. Call my mom 20 times just to say hello (20/20)
25. Send Gama letter just because
26. Get the pupper’s yearly shots/check-up done
27. Take a 4 generations photo
28. Visit Gampa and Auntie’s grave
29. Look into TTC/Adoption options; make an appointment with a RE

30. Talk to all 4 “close” friends at least once a week (52/52)
31. Attend the annual Edward’s camping reunion
32. Act as a bridesmaid in M&M’s wedding
33. Hang out with J&E on our own
34. Be there to celebrate K’s birthday
35. Remember to send Little Miss M something in remembrance of her baptism
36. Plan a girl’s weekend
37. Get at least 10 of my good friends together for a ragin’ 29th birthday party
38. Go to Puerto Vallarta for JD&B’s wedding
39. Send 15 pieces of snail mail (15/15)
40. Meet T for shopping and food

Good Deeds
41. Help Habitat for Humanity or Feed our Starving Children for a day
42. Send flowers anonymously to a friend in need
43. Donate an entire box of clothing and home goods
44. Meet my 2 time a month obligation at the humane society (12/12)
45. Provide someone with a micro-loan through Kiva.org
46. Donate $5 for every unmet goal

Professional Aspirations
47. Move into a different position/role, either with my current company or a new one
48. Submit my resume for 5 different job openings (5/5)
49. Create and acquire basic branding materials for High Heel Photography
50. Have both the High Heel Photography Blog and Facebook fan page up and running
51. Make a decision about additional photography education
52. Have High Heel Photography legally licensed, insured, and paying taxes as a LLC

At Home/Cleaning Things Up
53. Try out 15 new recipes (15/15)
54. Plant a small herb garden
55. Clean out makeup drawer and bathroom closet
56. Pay to have the car deep cleaned (detailed)
57. Sort through clothes in closet
58. Shampoo/clean carpet
59. Repaint wall between kitchen and living room

Hobbies, Self Improvement, and Fun
60. Complete wedding scrapbook
61. Go to five restaurants that are new to me (5/5)
62. Read 30 of the books that are on my “to read” list on GoodReads (30/30)
63. Send in a PostSecret
64. Learn to roll sushi
65. Go to a local band’s concert
66. Make a wish at 11:11 on November 11, 2011
67. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet (26/26)
68. Go to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market
69. Finish the Battlestar Gallatica series
70. Go to work in full makeup and hair every day for a week (5/5)
71. Plan a summer camping trip with B&J
72. Play paintball
73. Make a list of 100 things that I like about myself
74. Update blog at least twice a week (52/52)
75. Watch 20 movies I haven’t seen before (20/20)
76. Tailgate before a Viking’s game (not necessary to go to actual game)
77. Go salsa dancing
78. Go to the midnight showing of a movie
79. Take a road trip to a place that’s at least 5 hours away
80. Send 5 cards via Postcrossing (5/5)

81. Read 10 photography related books (10/10)
82. Do 5 separate newborn shoots (5/5)
83. Do 6 separate blog posts on influential photographers (2/6)
84. Get another photo “explored” on Flickr
85. Take a photo that (to me) has 0 technical flaws, and defend it
86. Purchase a 85mm lens
87. Earn enough from photography to afford to purchase the SB-900 speedlite
88. Read Scott Kelby’s LR3 book from start to finish
89. Take 350 daily photos (180/350)
90. Attend 5 TCPG events (5/5)
91. Do a “one frame” challenge each day for a week (7/7)
92. Earn recognition in a photography contest
93. Attend a photography workshop (preferably the After Dark workshop)
94. Find a photography mentor
95. Second shoot (or primary shoot) at least 3 weddings (3/3)

Money Matters
96. Figure out cell-phone, cable, and internet provider(s) for the next two years
97. Save $2000
98. Combine all current insurance policies into one
99. Track spending for an entire month, compare to last time
100. Don’t eat out anywhere, including fast food, for three weeks (21/21)


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