#1 – Lose 25 Pounds

I really wish I could cross this off my list, but I can’t. I am beyond bummed about it but it’s all my own doing.
At one point I was 3 lbs away from my goal, and I let it slip away from me. I got back into old habits, became busy, and before I knew it (well, I actually realized what was happening the whole time) I gained it back. Really common story.

I hate to dwell on negatives, especially when they’re a result of my own shortcomings, so instead I’ll look at some of the positives from this. I did lose 5 lbs. Not that it’s anything to right home about, but it’s still improvement. At one point I had lost 22 lbs, so I know this is a feasible and possible goal. I also hope to use the feeling I have about letting this happen to myself as a reminder that when I do lose the weight again to work really hard at not gaining it back.

So, this is one (of a handful) of goals I’m just going to need to pass on to next year. I intend on attacking this goal with vigor.


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