#24 – Call My Mom 15 Times Just to Say Hello

I love my mom, she’s without a doubt one of my favorite people and one of my closest friends. We’re both really busy though, so I don’t get to speak to her as often as I’d like. When I do speak to her it’s usually to tell her something/figure out something. “Mom, wanted to let you know that the week of the 3rd works for celebrating Grandma’s birthday.” “Mom, the darn water heater broke.” “Mom,  hubs and I are running off to Puerto Rico to sell rum to the locals.” Not exactly, “I love you and thank you for everything you’ve done and are still doing for me.” So I made it my goal to call 15 times just to say “hi” and see how SHE is doing.

It went well, pretty much like I expected. I think my mom appreciated talking to her daughter without an agenda. 🙂

Rare red 312 Bakelite Telephone


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