#33 – Throw a Dinner Party

I love to entertain. Big parties, small parties, it doesn’t matter and planning my wedding (talk about a party) was one of the funnest times I’ve ever had
Unfortunately, I rarely get the opportunity. Blame busy-ness, blame a sourpuss of a husband, or blame the fact that we live way out from all of our friends so it’s easier to go to them. So I put #33 on the list hoping I’d get a chance to have some people over for a nice dinner party. The perfect time came when my brother-in-law proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years. Yea, let’s throw a dinner party to celebrate the engagement! Calls were made, and it was set.

I made a chipotle ranch dip for appetizers, chilled a really nice wine, and set out some board games for entertainment. The main meal was grilled steak, buffalo sauce glazed chicken, potatoes, and a garden fresh salad.

Overall, it was successful. Everyone loved the food and we had a great time.


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