#65 – Take Salsa Dancing Lessons

I have always loved to dance, and I have always really wanted to learn how to Salsa dance. It’s just so sexy and fun! I’ve had the opportunity to muddle my way through a number or two when I’ve been out, but I’ve always wanted to actually look like I know what I’m doing. So #65 is a pretty big goal on my list.

Let’s just say I was a little ecstatic when my dear hubby agreed to take Salsa lessons with me! It was five lessons, every Tuesday night for an hour. It was through our local school’s Community Education department so it was also really reasonably priced.

At the beginning, let’s just say that we definitely weren’t Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. We went to a friend’s wedding after our first class and I made the comment when we were doing our usual thing on the dance floor, “see we do so much better freestyle, to heck with structured dancing,” Well, by lesson 5 we were actually pretty good. Not that we’re rushing out to show off my stuff at Babalu or anything but we can definitely hold our own now. It was so much fun to do this as a couple, and we’re looking forward to being able to bring our show to a dancefloor near us soon.


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1 Response to #65 – Take Salsa Dancing Lessons

  1. J.C says:

    How cool! I wish my husband would agree to do something like that, but I don’t see it ever happening…. are you going to take more classes? Enjoy your new skills!

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