#28 – Visit Gampa and Auntie’s Graves

My family is incredibly small and incredibly close to one another. I grew up with only a house and a small-town street separating my house from my grandparents’. My aunt lived about six blocks away. So it can go without saying that we all got to know each other very well. I consider my grandparents to be another set of parents and really my grandfather is the only father I’ve known. Our family was dealt a huge blow now 10 years ago when my aunt had a hard attack and passed on at the age of 46. We were dealt another blow last August when my Gampa joined her.

Every time I go to my hometown I make plans to visit their graves, every time something comes up and I’m unable to go. Fortunately on my last visit everything worked out and I was able to pay my proper respects. I’d share more, but really I’d like to keep some memories just for myself.


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