#91 – Go to a Pool Hall, Play a Game (Inspired by Mama)

My mom is a phenomenal pool (billiards) player and has been my entire life. Her team always wins first in their local league and up until this year, for the past 25 years, they spent 10+ days every May at the VNEA International Pool Championships in Las Vegas. There is a massive collection of trophies presented in our living room and even more trophies put away in storage. I grew up with a beautiful well-crafted regulation sized pool table in my basement. I’ve attended numerous tournaments (including a couple of the ones in Vegas) and watched many matches on TV.

So with my lineage and access you would assume that i was a shark myself. Well, that’s not quite the case, just ask my mother and she’ll tell you. In high school I became a passable player, mainly because playing pool in the basement was the easiest way for me and my friends to sneak beers without suspicion. These days playing pool on the Wii is much more my speed.  That said, every time I play I have so much fun; there might be a part of my ma in me afterall. This is why this is on the list: whenever I play, I somehow feel like I’m honoring part of what will be my mother’s legacy.

We actually spontaneously went to play pool on a night we were celebrating my birthday. Four of us (Hubby, M, M’s boyfriend M2, and myself) were grilling ribs and having an outdoor picnic and after it was over we decided we’d go to a nearby bowling alley/bar/pool hall, have a couple beers, sing karaoke, and play a game or two of pool. M and I played two games, and it completely reminded me of all the times we had played in high school. Especially since we both won a game, which still puts our all-time record at a tie. Overall, it was a ton of fun and a reminder that it’s something I want to do more often.


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