I Heart Faces – Fix-It-Friday!!

t’s time for another I Heart Faces Fix-It Friday!!

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I Heart Faces is a fantastic, interactive photography/editing blog. Every Friday they have something called “Fix-It-Friday” where they post an image for you to edit. They also have contributors who explain how they “fixed-up” the photo so it’s an opportunity to learn new techniques. Other readers also post their links to edits so you get a huge variety of editing solutions.

Check out this week’s challenge and all the other beautiful edits here:

This week’s original:

My basic edit:

To be honest, I’m not 100% or even 90% happy with it. This was a rush job, under 5 mins and I think it shows. I tweaked levels, cleaned up some of the marks on the face, did a little dodge and burn of the face, used dodge/burn tool to pop the eyes a little, and then painted a black layer over the background and tweaked blending mode/opacity.

I only had time for two stylized edits, but I did attempt using a texture this week:


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1 Response to I Heart Faces – Fix-It-Friday!!

  1. Excellent! I really love how you edited out the background to make my baby stand out more : ) Thanks so much for working on m photo!

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