#72 – Buy a Camera and Accessories That Cost More Than $1000

To be honest, of all the things on my list I’ve accomplished so far this makes me the most excited. I love photography, and always have since I was a little girl. I got into modeling as a hobby a couple years ago just for the purpose of being able to be around and learn from photographers. When my husband and I were married last year, during our photo session I was the one organizing people and prepping the shots, not the photographer. The poor guy had a list two pages long of shots that I wanted him to get and I did everything in my power to help him out. He joked at the end of the day that he rarely has an photo assistant as good as I was.

Anyway, as bridezilla story #1002 above demonstrated, photography is something I’m very passionate about and recently I’ve been thinking of (eventually) turning it into a career. Well, it’s a bit hard to do that when you don’t have a decent camera. So, #72 became “buy a camera and accessories that cost more than $1000. Yes, I put a minimum dollar amount on it, but really that was just so I couldn’t buy a $80 point and shoot and cross it off. I needed to buy a serious camera to prove that I was serious.

So what camera and gear did I get??
A beautiful Nikon D300s:
which is a fantastic, high-end consumer/entry-level pro DSLR with so much awesomesauce I almost wanted to cry when I opened it. A fantastic camera that’s going to grow with me and teach me so many wonderful things. In 2025 when I’m ready go to pro, this will also be more than a very capable back-up camera.

Sigma 50 mm f/1.4 prime lens:

along with the great camera, here comes a great lens. I chose the 50 mm because everything I read told me it would be a good versatile focal distance that works really well for portraits. I went with the Sigma prime because everything I read told me it would help me achieve the beautiful bokeh (blurred background) I admire in other photos. Not that I know enough to really say, but I think this is a fantastic lens that has been helping me capture some great (to me) images.

A beautiful camera bag to carry everything in:
Yes, it’s a camera bag that looks like a purse. It has customizable compartments for lenses and accessories, plus an outside pocket for keys, phone, and/or credit cards. I really like it, and also like that it’s pretty inconspicuous. If I bring it out with me I don’t really need to worry that someone might recognize it as camera gear and plot to thieve it.

What can this great gear do?? One of my favorites so far:

I am just so excited to keep learning and so happy that I found a hobby/possible career path that I feel so passionately about.


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2 Responses to #72 – Buy a Camera and Accessories That Cost More Than $1000

  1. Good luck on your new D300 and prime lens. I am looking forward to seeing more photos from your new toy(s).

    BTW…I enjoy reading your blog posts and regarding your 365 challenge – it’s funny I searched wordpress for 365 project (with the idea of looking for 365 photo project) and stumbled upon yours – glad that I did.

  2. J.C says:

    Oh, so envious – one day, I plan on buying a decent camera! Enjoy your new baby 🙂 Oh and I LOVE the camera bag! how gorgeous!

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