#89 – Hold a Conversation with a Complete Stranger at a Bar for over 10 minutes (Inspired by C)

My friend C can make friends wherever she goes. She can easily talk to anyone and I’ve always admired this about her. I myself am fairly outgoing, but I have a harder time approaching people one-on-one. So I made it a goal to talk to a random person at a bar for over 10 minutes.

This past weekend, at a friend’s bachelorette party, I had a chance. I went up to the bar for a drink and saw a guy around my age sitting by himself. I was hoping the “complete stranger” would be a girl, since I’m married and everything, but I figured if he started to get fresh I could work on next year’s #54 (Slap Some Jerk Who Deserves It). I sat down and started making conversation. We talked about his wife, how he has a boat on the river, TV, and the fact that he was having a pretty bad day. At one point he told me he was happy I started talking to him because it cheered him up. We actually ended up chatting for a good 25 minutes, most of the time that I was at that bar.

I had to run off because my bus , but overall it was a really nice experience. I’ll definitely keep this in mind the next time I find someone that seems interesting to talk to.


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1 Response to #89 – Hold a Conversation with a Complete Stranger at a Bar for over 10 minutes (Inspired by C)

  1. Robin Thomas says:

    This sounds like a skill I need to cultivate. Like you, I’m a bit shy about talking to random strangers…except for elderly women, lol! It’s that fine line between having a conversation, and being mistaken that I am “interested”. I have no trouble on the phone, or online, though. The little bit of distance is more comfortable for me. I’m sure you cheered his day, just by having a natural conversation.

    Good for you!!
    :~) Robin

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