#54 – Clean Out the Closet of Doom

As mentioned in the post about #43 – Donate an Entire Bag of Clothing to Charity we recently cleaned out the “Closet of Doom.” Basically, this is the closet in our spare bedroom that held pretty much anything you can think of: unused house decor, wedding gifts, beer making machine, etc. It never use to be that bad, until our wedding. 243 picture frames can take up a lot of space, and so can the numerous mementos and other reminders of the day.

So here is wha it looked like at the beginning:
Yes, what you are seeing here is the inside of the closet (photo #2) after a large amount had already been dispersed into the room (photo #1). Obviously there was a lot of stuff to go through and organize.

So, a couple hours, 4 donation boxes, three garbage bags, and one box heading out to the garage later and we have this:
Quite an improvement if I do say so myself. Really, it’s true, removing clutter from your life just makes you feel so much better.


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2 Responses to #54 – Clean Out the Closet of Doom

  1. Nice work! It always feels SO GOOD to have a clean, organized closet once you’re finished. (Not that the cleaning part is particularly fun – though it has its moments, of course.) I need to do this on one of our closets, too.

  2. J.C says:

    I have a closet of doom as well! It really badly needs cleaning out so that I can de-clutter the wardrobe in our bedroom… so maybe I have two closets of doom. Let’s not mention the closet in the girls room…. Did I mention we don’t have a lot of storage in the house? lol inspiring none-the-less! I must do mine soon.

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