#43 – Donate an Entire Bag of Clothing to Charity

Last weekend I cleaned out the “Closet of Doom.” There will be more about this in a later post since it’s #54, but basically the Closet of Doom is the closet in our spare bedroom that somehow became a catch-all for everything we didn’t want to put in other areas of the house.

So we grabbed a box for things that were too nice to throw away but we just couldn’t use anymore and got to work. We started to throw things in the box and realized part way through that we need another. Then another. Then another. Yes folks, that’s four boxes of clothing, books, and household items just waiting to go to someone who could appreciate them.

The next day I loaded all 4 boxes (plus some stray art work and picture frames) into my car and brought them to my local Goodwill. It felt so great knowing that our old things would be getting a new home and would possibly be going to people who might be without otherwise. Also, another benefit of donating to the Goodwill is that it supports the Easter Seals, an organization that helps those with disabilities gain independence.


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2 Responses to #43 – Donate an Entire Bag of Clothing to Charity

  1. J.C says:

    Excellent! I always donate our un-needed clothes, even though I could probably make a mint selling it online. It makes me feel good and that is worth more than $$ 🙂

  2. mouse7701 says:

    I am the same way–I would much rather donate it to a goodwill or thrift store than have a garage sale! Good job! 🙂

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