#94 – Take a Nap in the Middle of the Day (Inspired by the Puppy)

My sweet puppy can sleep just about anywhere.
Case in point:
Yes, even in stinky laundry baskets she manages to squeeze in a quick snooze.

I envy her for her relaxed view at life. I myself have loved napping since college, unfortunately I also think that’s the last time I had the opportunity to. Not that I don’t sleep when it’s not nighttime, I just don’t consider it to be napping. Being so tired you fall asleep watching a movie at 8 PM can’t count as a nap since you lose the carefree attitude associated with the entired concept of napping. By my definition a nap is intentional and done out of want and not need. My dog doesn’t sleep because she needs to, she sleeps because it feels good and she wants to.

A couple of Sunday’s ago I was sitting around with nothing to do and that’s when it hit me, I could take a nap! Just curl up and drift off for a little bit, giving myself some much needed rejuvenation and relaxation. So I settled into the couch (another rule), shut my eyes and drifted off. When I woke up I definitely felt more energetic and it was a nice reminder of how important it is to take a break every now and then.

Yes, I understand a blog post discussing how I took a nap might not be the most scintillating thing ever. Thanks for sticking with me, they all can’t be gems!


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4 Responses to #94 – Take a Nap in the Middle of the Day (Inspired by the Puppy)

  1. J.C says:

    Naps are heaven, when you can get them. I’ve lost the art of the nap because my brain just *knows* that as soon as I actually managed to fall asleep one child or another is going to come and find me (because, ya know, my husbands child wrangling abilities aren’t fantastic). So there is no point in napping says my brain – which frustrates me no end when I’m lying there 20 mins later and no-one has come in…

    Enjoy those naps when you can!

  2. What a lovely idea! I seriously think I may be incorporating naps into my weekly schedule. They help me to relax and not be so “go, go” all of the time.

  3. Emerald says:

    I treated myself with a nap today, also–something I don’t normally do. It was luxurious!

  4. angelcel says:

    I love that photo of your dog – yes animals really can show us the way sometimes!

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