#12 – Give Him an Entire Weekend Home Alone to Do Whatever He Wants

The Roman poet Sextus Propertius gave us this saying in Elegies, “always toward absent lovers love’s tide stronger flows.” Or in laymans terms, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  This sentiment is incredibly apparent in my own marriage. Of course we love each other and love being around each other, but every now and then a person just needs some time to themselves.

That’s why I made it one of my goals to just give dear Hubby one weekend completely to himself. No wife to nag him, no dog to take care of, but just him and his video games. I packed up the car for a trip to my hometown (#2 of 10), kissed him goodbye, and tried to ignore when he fist-pumped in elation as I drove away. Okay, I might have imagined the fist-pump but I don’t think I imagined his enthusiasm. To be honest, I was a bit happy myself to be getting some time of my own. We love each other more than anything, but spending every day together for months straight can start to get a little much.

I spent a great weekend with my family and returned to find a happy hubby. From what I heard he spent time with friends, watched a UFC match, and drank some beers. It sounds like he really enjoyed himself, and he was pretty happy to see me when I came home which made me happy.

So this just served as another reminder: in order to keep a relationship healthy sometimes you just need to spend some time apart.


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1 Response to #12 – Give Him an Entire Weekend Home Alone to Do Whatever He Wants

  1. Janine says:

    excellent idea. DH and I try to plan our weekend so we each get a solid chunk of hours to ourself to do what we want (while the other watches the babe), some time together all 3 of us, and also some alone time just the 2 of us. Plus some cleaning time thrown in. It really helps provide balance when we aren’t required to spend 24/7 as a “family”.

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