I Heart Faces Fix-It-Friday

It’s time for another I Heart Faces Fix-It Friday!!

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I Heart Faces is a fantastic, interactive photography/editing blog. Every Friday they have something called  “Fix-It-Friday” where they post an image for you to edit. They also have contributors who explain how they “fixed-up” the photo so it’s an opportunity to learn new techniques. Other readers also post their links to edits so you get a huge variety of editing solutions.

Check out this week’s challenge and all the other beautiful edits here:

Here is this week’s original:

and my edit:
What I did (all in CS4):

  • used Image>Adjustments>Exposure to get a pleasing balance of light
  • used dodge and burn tools to remove some shadows and to add interest to certain areas
  • used healing brush to get rid of some distractions in the hat and on the face
  • used a really cool technique I read on one of the I-Heart-Faces contributor’s (Julie Rivera) blogs I removed the circles under her eyes by duplicating my layer, removing the circles using the patch tool, and then setting the opacity of that layer to 70%, this was so awesome to me because I had a huge problem editing under eye circles before and I feel this technique works great
  • selected the eyes and played with the levels and then color/saturation/hue adjustments

Also, since I had time to play and I love stylized images, here are . I did these in around 2 minutes just using modified actions. Yes, it’s cheating a bit, but I really liked the results.

In my opinion this was one of those photos that I could have done 20 different actions to (not all at once of course) and loved every result.


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4 Responses to I Heart Faces Fix-It-Friday

  1. shelle says:

    yes it was a very good picture to begin with….very nice edits!

  2. Jessica says:

    These were so cute! I think I love the one that has the pink hue to it the best…And I agree! What a great photo-so much could be done with it. Great job!

  3. Great job! And actions are not cheating! They were designed for a specific reason… to make a photographer’s work flow go faster and smoother. Anyone who says otherwise only says that because they are not confident enough in their own abilities. So don’t let anyone tell you that. You did great!

  4. Buckeroomama says:

    I love the second to the last one! I love actions (as you will see in my edits)!

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