#26 – Set Up a Play Date for the Puppy at the Dog Park

Three and a half years ago I was adopted by the sweetest (and gassiest) Boston Terrier, H. The long story cut short is that H was a puppy-mill rescue (Go Here for more information about puppy mills) and before she became a part of our family she spent the first seven years of her life in a small metal cage being used as breeding stock. This post isn’t meant to discuss that though, so let’s go onto happier things like doggy play dates!!!!

Although H was never socialized to interact with other dogs in her early years she still loves to be around other dogs (and people too). When we first met her she was incredibly confused on how  to “play” but since then she’s gotten the hang of it (mainly because of my grandparent’s very patient and playful Yorkie, A).

Here she is in all her beauty!

I figured a play date at the dog park would be a great chance for H to get in some doggy-bonding time. I’m fortunate enough to live in an area that has not one but two dog parks nearby, including “The Third Best Dog Park in the Nation” as rated by Dog Fancy magazine. We go to the dog park near our house (not Alimagnet) very frequently, but it’s normally just us or us and hubby and I felt that by setting up an actual play date she would have more of a chance to really get to know and play with another dog.

I found out that a dog group was meeting at Alimagnet this past Sunday and I thought it would be a great outing for H and myself. I also invited my friend K to come along who has two Bostons of her own. H and I get there on time, but of course it takes it forever for H to walk to the entrance to the park. Alimagnet is a great dog park, with a huge swimming area and a heated shelter with a heated water bowl. H and I didn’t go in, but they also have a separate area of the park dedicated to small dogs, which is great.  K ended up being unable to come at the last minute, but H and I still had a great time getting to know the other dogs and owners with the dog group we met up with. It was a very successful playdate and we can’t wait to go back!

Some Photos of Alimagnet (from their website)

Of course, here’s Miss H enjoying herself


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