#3 – Cut Down Coffee to 1 Cup a Day, Hold this Habit for 28 Days Straight

Up until this challenge I was a huge coffee drinker. We’re talking a 4 or 5 cup a day habit, sometimes even more. Couple this with my pop addiction and we had caffeine overload.
My sleep was disrupted, I had symptoms of dehydration, and overall it just wasn’t healthy. Really, in honesty, I hated what it was doing to my skin, making it so dull  and lifeless.  So what’s a girl to do but to try to cut back.

According to experts it takes 21 days to break a habit or to form a new habit. Well, I figured that I might want to error on the safe side and give myself an extra week to get rid of my caffeine cravings. Since I couldn’t eliminate coffee completely out of concern for co-workers who deal with me in the morning, 28 days with only drinking a cup a day became my goal. Coffee rehab began.

To be honest, it was a lot easier than I thought. I figured I’d begin going through DTs or start making excessive passive-aggressive comments to innocent people. Instead, it seemed like weaning myself of coffee made me actually easier to get along with. I felt like my mood improved and like the one cup of coffee I did have  each day did much more to impact how I felt. I didn’t have any sleep issues and it seemed like my mid-afternoon “crash” was more minimal or even non-existent. I did begin the challenge of 8 cups of a water a day on the last week, but even before then I felt more hydrated.

Well, now I’m at day 30 with only a cup of coffee a day. I’m planning on keeping this habit and I’m incredibly glad that I pushed myself to take on this challenge.


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1 Response to #3 – Cut Down Coffee to 1 Cup a Day, Hold this Habit for 28 Days Straight

  1. Helen says:

    Good for you on cutting down! It’s hard especially the first few days…but I find I have a lot more energy when I don’t drink coffee.

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