#49 – Attend a Networking Event

This task pretty much fell into my lap. My friend D emailed me asking if I’d mind slightly changing our dinner plans and going to a dinner networking event for a group she belongs to. Hmmm…. let me think about this. Being able to accomplish something I’ve wanted to do for a while while having the support (and an in) from a good friend, I’m totally game!! So I met her at 6:30 for Indian food and a chance to get to know some other professionals.

I have to admit it, I did have a chance to talk to a couple of people, but for the most part I sat talking and eating with D. There were two main hindrances to getting to know people: since it was dinner time everyone was eating, and since the same people meet every month they pretty much grouped up and chatted with each other. I’ve been taught not to interrupt someone when they’re eating or talking, so it was really hard for me to initiate conversation. It wasn’t a total loss though, I did meet a couple of new people and D and I had a fantastic meal.

I may try another event (with a different group) in the future. After last night, now I know more about what I should be looking for (not an established social group, people in my industry, more of a happy hour atmosphere, etc.).


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