#59 – Create a chore list for the house

For the most part our house is livable-y clean (just don’t look in the closet of doom), and we’re lucky that we don’t have a huge space to take care of. That said, it seems like we’ll go awhile without cleaning and then we’ll have company coming so we spend a whole night just whipping the place into shape. The hubby and I have talked a lot about how if we created a chore list and broke down everything so we did 1 or 2 things daily not only would our place consistently be “guest ready” it would probably only take a few minutes a day.

So, today I made the list and then a calendar to go along with it. The plan is not to follow the calendar to a T, but it shows us when things should be getting done so we don’t fall behind. Opps, weren’t able to vacuum today,  no big deal, but it should really get done tomorrow after wiping down the bathroom mirrors. Having just this little bit of structure should help us tremendously with keeping everything looking good.

My tips for putting together a chore list and chore calendar:

  • Write down every single thing that needs to be done in your home on a list
  • Go through the list and decide how often each item needs to be done
  • On my list I have an “as-needed” category, these are chores that I feel don’t have a specific time frame since they are completed just when the need to be (dishes and laundry are two examples)
  • Assemble these items into a list based on time frame, there’s your list!
  • Set up a calendar that just has 4 rows of seven days, it is not necessary to try to match it up to the Gregorian calendar since you will just restart it when you get to the last day of the last week
  • Start by recognizing the daily items, then equally allocate the every-other day items, then the weekly, then the bi-weekly, and so on
  • It might be helpful to have the “as-needed” tasks you came up with (if any) off to the side of the calendar so they’re easily visible, same with things done on a quarterly or yearly basis
  • Now you have your calendar, if you plan on assigning certain tasks you can always color-code each item

An example of my calendar is below:

Looking at the calendar there are about 3 chores a day, and each chore shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. 15 minutes or less a day to ensure our home is always looking it’s best, I think it’s worth it.


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