#77 – Join a Book Club

Well, I didn’t “Join a Book Club” as much as I “Started a Book Club.” The first meeting is on February 17th and I am so excited!

One of the intentions of the list is to help me develop a wider social circle. I didn’t grow up in the area I’m currently living, and actually only moved here 3 years ago. Because of that, most of my friends that are nearby are friends I made through my husband. There is definitely nothing wrong with that, and I love that my husband and I are able to share close relationships with the same people. I would also like to have some local friendships that were just my own. So, one of the ways I felt I could accomplish this would be by being a part of a group that met monthly and centered around one of my biggest hobbies (reading).

I have a hard time with asking people if I can be a part of their group, I feel like I’m intruding. So instead of waiting for a miraculous book club invite to drop from the sky, I decided it would be fun to just start a new one! I’m part of a local online social group of over 700 women so I posted a “Book Club” event and now I’m just waiting for interest. Within the first hour, I’ve already had two other women join! It should be a good time, and give me an opportunity to really get to know some women with similar interests.


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2 Responses to #77 – Join a Book Club

  1. Tcee says:

    I love your blog Idea! Good luck with all your new adventures!

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