#87 – The Outfit

As promised, here is the outfit that I wore out when I did my “go out at night in flat shoes and everyday clothes” challenge which was inspired by my friend M:

Not a bad outfit, just not what I would normally wear out at night. Especially not tennis shoes!!!! This is the girl who goes canoeing in heels.

In comparison this is something similar to what I would normally wear to the same type of event (dinner with friends):

A cute little dress, some nice heels, set off with some vintage statement jewelry.

So was I out of my comfort zone? I definitely think so. Was it nice to take a night off from playing fashion plate? Quite a bit!


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One Response to #87 – The Outfit

  1. gavintiegirl says:

    I love the second outfit. I have always wanted to be a fashion plate, but it doesn’t come naturally to me. I am always striving to be more fancy, but I somehow gravitate towards jeans, converse, and t-shirts with stupid sayings. I wonder how that is going to look when I am 50..hmmm?

    Awesome concept for a blog. I love lists…as you can see from my post about “What I want to be when I grow up”. Lists are awesome for mapping out your goals and sorta keeps you on track. Also there’s the whole “giving up your desires to the universe” thing to take into account.

    Good luck with your list. I will be sure to check in on your progress. 🙂 PEACE!

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