#93 – Play Mah-Jong for an hour (Inspired by Gama)

On the way home from my visit to my hometown this weekend (1 of 10) I had the opportunity to cross #93 of the list.

My Gama is an avid (computerized) mah-jong player. The only reason why she even started using technology was so she could play games. She can spend an entire afternoon just clicking on tiles and I never really understood that. Then again, I’m sure she doesn’t understand how can I spend hours looking at photography online and editing photos. So as my homage to her, I decided that one of my tasks would be to play mah-jong for an entire hour without interruptions.

What a better time to chose to play on the computer for an hour than while you’re riding in a car on a three and half hour drive? So I booted up my laptop, pulled up MahJong Titans and spent a very click-happy hour and a half playing Gama’s favorite game.

Well, I’m not going to say that it turned me into a Mah-Jong addict. It was evidently more fun than I anticipated though, since I played for an extra half an hour. I can see how my grandma is attracted to this game, it’s the perfect balance of observational skills and strategy which are two of her stronger characteristics. I also did feel more relaxed after playing, it’s slightly zen. Really, it was just nice to try something new that someone I love enjoys so much.

mah jong


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2 Responses to #93 – Play Mah-Jong for an hour (Inspired by Gama)

  1. Very good post. Thanks for sharing.

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