#87 – Go out at night in flat shoes and everyday clothes (Inspired by M)

#87 was inspired by one of my bestest friends, M. I’ve always admired how she really puts her own comfort first when it comes to her clothing/hair/etc. She always looks great, but it seems so effortless and liberating. On the other hand, I’ve always taken the complete opposite approach and I get dressed up to go to the grocery store. In order to get myself out of my comfort zone, I thought it would be a bit freeing to go out in my everyday clothes and in shoes other than my everyday heels.

Well, last night the opportunity presented itself, we were meeting some good friends out for dinner. I went without straightening my hair, tossed on some comfy stretchy pants, and put on just a dab of lipstick. This is probably the first time I’ve ever switched out of my work clothes in order to wear something even more boring. My biggest challenge: finding flat shoes. I ended up having to wear my gym shoes. I know I’m a heel fan, but to have 70 pairs of them and not one flat shoe??

I expected my friends to make some kind of comment, but really they didn’t even seem to notice. I was a little bit self-concious at first but by the end of the night I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t my usual sex-kitten self. The hubby even told me that I looked good.

I’m probably not going to be making a habit out of going casual when I go out, but it’s nice to know that every once and a while it might be nice to just enjoy going out without the hassle of getting all dolled-up.

*photo of the outfit (and maybe a comparison photo) will be coming*


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