1. Lose 25 pounds (5/25)
2. Run a mile in under 10 minutes
3. Cut down coffee to 1 cup a day, hold this habit for 28 days straight (30/28)
4. Spend two weeks living a vegan lifestyle (14/14)
5. Go 30 days without drinking pop of any kind (2/30)
6. Try out a workout I’ve never done before
7. Meditate daily for thirty days (1/30)
8. Complete the 30 day shred (30/30)
9. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a week straight (7/7)
10. Floss and brush twice a day for a month (0/30)

11. Cook a meal of his choice from our Italian cookbook
12. Give him an entire weekend home alone to do whatever he wants
13. Watch the Big Lebowski (his favorite movie) complete with White Russians
14. Plan and pay for a romantic mini-trip
15. Have daily sex for a month
16. Make and surprise him with a lunch for work
17. Clean the entire house and let him just sit and watch
18. Bring him breakfast in bed, only wearing my robe
19. Take him to try Sushi
20. Leave him a love note on the windshield of his car

21. Visit my family in my hometown at least 10 times (10/10)
22. Send a mothers day card with a sweet note and flowers to grandma and mom
23. Have my grandparent’s wedding photos done in an small album for Gama
24. Call my mom 15 times just to say hello (15/15)
25. Send my Uncle B a funny card, just because
26. Set up a play date for the puppy at the dog park
27. Get the puppy’s shots done
28. Visit Gampa and Auntie’s grave

29. Plan a girl’s night for all of the friends from college
30. Talk to all 5 “close” friends at least once a week (52/52)
31. Attend the annual Edward’s camping reunion
32. Attend my 10 year class reunion
33. Throw a dinner party
34. Visit K1 after she has her baby
35. Attend the Grand Opening of K2’s gym
36. Go to church with C
37. Take a short trip with M and M
38. Go bowling and eat pizza with T and D
39. Send 15 pieces of snail mail (15/15)
40. Make 2 new friends

Good Deeds

41. Help Habitat for Humanity or Feed our Starving Children for a day
42. Begin volunteering at the local humane society
43. Donate an entire bag of  clothing to charity
44. Do the Polar Bear Plunge
45. Adopt a little sister with Big Brothers/Big Sisters
46. Donate $5 for every unmet goal (donated $100 to my local humane society)

Professional Aspirations
47. Update my resume
48. Submit my resume for 5 different job openings (5/5)
49. Attend 1 networking event
50. Study the entire Adobe Photoshop CS3 Classroom in a book
51. Attend a meeting with admissions department at MCTC or Normandale
52. Edit someone else’s photo

53. Try out 15 new recipes (15/15)
54. Clean out the closet of doom
55. Take down wallpaper in kitchen and repaint
56. Landscape the front of the house as planned for the past 3 years
57. Revive the plant in the bedroom
58. Organize the garage
59. Create a chore list for the house

Hobbies and Self Improvement
60. Complete wedding scrapbook
61. Go to five restaurants that are new to me (5/5)
62. Read 30 of the books that are on my “to read” list on GoodReads (30/30)
63. Read an entire book in Spanish without having to look up the words
64. Start a Blog
65. Take Salsa dancing lessons
66. Visit the Walker Art Center
67. Plan a day trip to Jordan (MN) and Anna Krumbee’s Apple Farm
68. Take a winery tour
69. Brew Beer with Nick
70. Buy (and use) a nice calligraphy set
71. Learn to do gorgeous smoky eyes
72. Buy a camera and accessories that cost more than $1000
73. Make homemade salsa
74. Write a letter to myself to be opened 5 years from now
75. Make a jewelry set to give as a gift
76. Go to the Renaissance Festival in costume
77. Join a book club
78. Go to the farmers market
79. Clean out the trunk of my car
80. Send 5 cards via Postcrossing (5/5)
81. Write a new poem, get it published
82, Watch a sunrise|
83. Visit San Francisco
84. Make homemade ice cream

Inspired By
85. Hubby: Play 2 hours of video games straight
86. M: Go out at night in flat shoes and everyday clothes
87. K1: Learn how to and do my own nails, well
88. K2: Go tubing down a river
89. C: Hold a conversation with a complete stranger at a bar for over 10 minutes
90. T: Perform 1 selfless act for someone else
91. Mama: Go to a pool hall, play a game
92. Gama: Play Mah-Jong for an hour
93. Gampa: Make cottage cheese potica
94. My Dog: Take a nap in the middle of the day
95. Oprah: Read 10 books from her book club (10/10)

Money Matters
96. Pay off two credit cards (2/2)
97. Save $1500
98. Create a budget
99. Track spending for an entire month
100. Don’t eat out anywhere, including fast food, for two weeks (14/14)


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